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Vinyl signs are probably still by far the most durable and fade resistanrt form of sign production. We have a vast range of colours, grades & brands of vinyl to choose from. Discuss your sign application with us and we can advise on the most suitable material specification for your application. Panels can also be flood filled with a particular vinyl colour.

We would normally produce sign boards on Correx for very short term use, Foamex in 3mm or 5mm for medium term or aluminium composite for longer term use. Sign panels can be prepared with fixing holes, sign trays or posts as required for immediate installation.

There is no limit to the use of colours, photographs can also be incorporated with the use of printed vinyl. We can build up colourful vinyl signs by layering the vinyl.

Aluminium Substrate

Impact & Fire Resistant
Resistant to blows and pressure and has a high buckling and breaking strength.
Lightweight compared with aluminium sheet.
Panels consist of a core of low density polyethylene, bonded between two outer skins of aluminium. This sandwich construction produces a very rigid flat panel.
Weatherproof and easily cleaned
This type of signage is resistant to the effects of harsh environmental conditions.
Any colour lettering and logos can be applied to signs.

Fluted Polypropelene Board or Correx

Availiable in a range of colours (subject to minimum order size, except white)
Commonly used for estate agents boards and low cost signs.
Ideal for screen printing or vinyl graphics.

Rigid PVC Board or Foamex

Availiable in a range of colours (subject to minimum order size, except white)
Widely used for general signage, point of sale displays.
Good weather resistance.
Ideal for screen printing or vinyl graphics / lettering
Availiable in 2, 3, 5, 10mm thicknesses.

Online Catalogue | Signs & Graphics |  Vinyl Signs

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